The Warning Signs of Adult Abuse

The Warning signs of adult abuse

• Injury that has not been cared for properly
• Injury that is inconsistent with explanation for its cause
Dehydration or malnutrition without illness-related cause
• Poor skin color
• Sunken eyes or cheeks
• Forced isolation

• Fear
• Anxiety, agitation
• Isolation, withdrawal
• Non-responsiveness, resignation, ambivalence
• Contradictory statements, implausible stories
• Hesitation to talk openly
• Confusion or disorientation
• Caregiver prevents vulnerable adult from speaking to or seeing visitors
• Caregiver’s lack of affection toward vulnerable adult
• Caregiver talks of vulnerable adult as a burden

• Expensive gifts from vulnerable adult to caregiver
Vulnerable adult’s personal belongings, papers, credit cards missing
• Numerous unpaid bills
• A recent will when vulnerable adult seems incapable of writing will
• Caregiver’s name added to bank account
• Vulnerable adult unaware of monthly income
• Vulnerable adult signs on loan

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