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Domestic Violence & Abuse

I, also, have been in a shelter. I appreciate this post by another victim of abuse.


Living in a shelter gave me insight.  I can say consciously I knew I was being abused, but my biggest issue was remaining silent.  I feel my silence in essence stated the abuse was okay.

Within the shelter I met a woman who was unaware she was being abused.  You see, she perceived the abuse as normal. Her father was abusive and kept the family isolated.  When she became old enough to venture out on her own she fell in love with a man who was like her father. She thought abuse was a normal way of life due to the fact it was the only thing she had ever known. She decided to seek help from the shelter, only because someone brought it to her attention that her life wasn’t really a life at all and she had options.

It’s interesting, as human beings we determine what is normal…

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