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Investigation into Guardianship Abuse

Problems are being reported nationwide. 

 A guardian is appointed by the court to “guard” finances and make care decisions for an elderly person who has nobody else to help. Most people think once the court steps in, the person is protected, and safe….. 

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Knowing the facts about elder abuse is an essential part of having an elderly loved one receiving care. It comes in many forms, and being able to recognize this can help your loved one to remain safe and happy. Elder abuse goes far beyond physical abuse. While bruises, limping, and broken bones might be the hallmark signs of physical abuse, the majority of actual abuse is more silent and invisible.

Emotional abuse is a common under the radar type of mistreatment. If you have a loved one who is suddenly touchy or withdrawn, it may be because they are being emotionally abused. This can take the form of being sworn at, yelled at, or intimidated. Either way, it is a very serious and demeaning type of abuse and can result in your loved one being scared and depressed. If you notice these things once, it might be a fluke, but…

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Family Foibles

I find myself thinking a lot these days about who is protecting our most vulnerable people — the old and the young without a strong voice. In our house, we stay focused on what’s best for our kids… when it’s easy and when it’s hard and sometimes requires great sacrifice. Yet I know in other homes that’s not always the case. Similarly, I worry about my ninety-year-old grandmother and check in on her regularly, but I am all too aware of how others can take advantage of the elderly without a second thought.

I know of someone who was taking care of her mother after her mother had a stroke. This person played the martyr well, continually lamenting over the fact that her siblings weren’t helping at all. Finally, after placing her mother in a long-term care facility on a permanent basis, it came to light that she had actually spent all…

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