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The Power of Music & Memory

Music imprints itself on the brain deeper than any other human experience. It speaks to us in a different language and arouses every emotion. It connects us all, it is a force that ignites our souls.

Music and Laughter Improve Health (via Home Care Assistance of Greenville’s Blog)

Music and Laughter Improve Health A new study reveals that listening to upbeat music and laughter can have as much of a positive effect on your blood pressure as losing ten pounds!  The study, which was conducted at the Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, showed an average drop of five to six points in systolic blood pressure over a three month period.  In contrast, the control group did not experience any drop in blood pressure. The researchers randomly assigned 90 ind … Read More

via Home Care Assistance of Greenville's Blog

iPods for Alzheimer’s

Based on 30 years of clinical experience, the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function (IMNF), a leader in research and clinical music therapy programs for persons with Alzheimer’s and dementia, has partnered with Music and to launch the Well-Tuned: Music Players for Health iPod Program to allow Alzheimer’s patients to access the benefits of therapeutic music remotely.

Through the Well-Tuned: Music Players for Health program, IMNF music therapists and other specialists work with family members and caregivers to create a customized list of music, specifically tailored for the individual with Alzheimer’s. The music is then loaded onto an iPod and listened to in order to stabilize mood, reduce tension and improve overall quality of life. The program is customized for individuals, nursing homes and community-based programs. It’s an easy and affordable way to bring therapeutic music programming anywhere.

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