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Revocation of Powers of Attorney

Off the Top o' My Head

Powers of attorney have been mentioned or discussed in this blog several times.  “Powers of Attorney
and “Weaknesses in Powers of Attorney,” in particular, explained the importance of a well-drafted power of attorney.  An aspect that has not been discussed is revocation.

The ability to revoke a power of attorney is a major advantage over court-ordered guardianship or conservatorship (guardianship of the person’s worldly estate).  A principal who signs a power of attorney may revoke it at any time.  A legally-incapacitated person, and even a person who consented to guardianship, cannot revoke the guardian’s appointment.  He or she must file a petition with the court to terminate the guardianship.  It can be very difficult to persuade the court to terminate a guardianship.  Many judges are very paternalistic and in many courts persons who are subject to the authority of a guardian or conservator have very few…

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“Who’s Your Daddy!” One Year Ago Today You Went To Your Happy Place

I love you Dad! You are right here with me right now & I am so grateful!

You Gotta Believe! But What’s the Legal Standard for Putative Spouses?

You Gotta Believe! But What’s the Legal Standard for Putative Spouses?.

Fear of Living by Ron Kirkwood


Until recently, I never understood the name my Dad chose for his book.

It’s been 9 months since my Dad died


I miss you so much Dad!

You made the world a more beautiful place to live in.

I love you.

You endured so much and once you knew I could do it alone, you escaped your prison.

You are a part of me & you’re giving me the strength to keep on doing what you would want.

Thank you Daddy. I got this one. I just want YOU back.

Love, Lark

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