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Missouri Senate Backs Expansion of Elder Abuse Law

Amazing! Missouri has very little compassion, in general, from what I have seen at least for its’ senior population.

Appalling information about Missouri & Elder Abuse!

Seal of Missouri.

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I am appalled! Now this explains a little bit more to me why APS allowed my Dad to remain in the home of someone who was reported for neglect / exploitation / fraud etc. 4 times! My father died. I have yet to find a single person in Missouri that cares about elder abuse & guardianship / conservator abuse. Especially in Cedar County, the judges look past the obvious abuse that is taking place in order for the attorneys and public administrators to PROFIT!! Something has to be done!   signed, Lark E. Kirkwood

For complete article:

St. Louis Beacon – Missouri official challenges federal report on elder abuse in state

Has elder abuse or guardianship abuse ever affected you personally?

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