In Regards to: Ronald R. Kirkwood

In Regards to: Ronald R. Kirkwood


To whom it may concern,

In Regards to: Case # 11CD-PR00088 & Case # 10CD-PR00059

Cedar County, MO probate circuit court,

Judge James R. Bickel, Cedar County, MO 28th Circuit Judge, (Vernon County, MO Courthouse)

Judge Dennis Dwight Reaves, Cedar County, MO 28th Associate Circuit Judge,

Judge David R. Munton, Dade county, MO (signed final court documents in guardianship case),

Janice Cagle, CPA, public administrator of Cedar county, MO & co-guardian / sole conservator of Ronald Richard Kirkwood,

Sandra Camp, deputy public administrator of Cedar county, MO

Peter Allen Lee, attorney, Stockton, MO, Guardian Ad Litem in Ronald Richard Kirkwood’s guardianship proceedings & attorney for public administrator, Janice Cagle / co-guardian & conservator, & law school friend of Leo J. Mendus II, & former partner in law with Judge Dennis Dwight Reaves, 12 PUBLIC SQUARE P.O. BOX 220 STOCKTON, MO 65785 (417) 276-3900

Melinda Gumm, Circuit Clerk of Cedar County, MO,

Janet Johnson, Chief Deputy Clerk of Cedar County, MO,

Sarah Turner, Deputy Probate Clerk of Cedar County, MO,

Shiela Frieze, Deputy Clerk of Cedar County, MO,

Stacie Spurgeon, Deputy Clerk of Cedar County, MO,

K Patrick Douglas, attorney representing * after Elizabeth Rohrs, Bolivar, MO ( Douglas, Haun, & Heidemann )

Celia A. Vincent, Sun Security Bank / Citizen’s Home Bank manager in Fair Play, MO, & public notary, who notarized 16 page power of attorney for (*) in regards to Ronald Richard Kirkwood

Elizabeth Vincent Rohrs, attorney, Bolivar, MO, representing (*) PO BOX 117 BOLIVAR, MO 65613

Leo J. Mendus II, PLLC of Oklahoma City, OK, representing co-Guardian & Conservator, public administrator of Cedar county Janice Cagle, (aka Ronald Richard Kirkwood “ward”) in foreclosure hearings of the home of Ronald Richard Kirkwood at 1114 NW 55th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73118 sold after Ronald Richard Kirkwood’s death to David Evans of Oklahoma City

* Mary Catherine Catheryn Louise Claire Katheryn Katherine McConnell McDonnell McTavish Hackbirth Hackbarth Pryor Kirkwood (unsure of legal name) * PO BOX 28 Fair Play, MO 65649 & 20515 S Hwy 245 Fair Play, MO 65649

Joyce Woltz Kirkwood, widow to Reginald Kirkwood, of Bremen, OH

Fern Gully Farm and Nursery, Newly registered by *

Bryan Scott McTavish,

Rami McTavish,

Casey Allen McTavish,

Adult Protective Services of Missouri, including but not limited to Sharon Hamlett, of Fair Play, MO

and others involved in any manner.

I pray that you never have to lose a loved one or be the victim like my Dad was & family has been and still is.

God bless you.

Lark Elizabeth Kirkwood


Ronald Richard Kirkwood
September 19, 1942 – June 21, 2011

  1. Well all this is something. Lark had police, Social Workers, VA Home Health, Conservator, Co Guardian with me, Mary Catherine Kirkwood
    Ron’s wife, (by the way Lark gave me her grandmother’s ring when Ron and I got married.)I was inspected at least once a week or every two weeks until all became my friends as they could see as told in court by VA Nurse Practioner Robert Crockett of Home Based Primary Care that Ron wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for me. She complained “First do no harm” without any medical training but the one day she went to class and as usual dropped out because she wouldn’t get out of bed to go to class or work. Lark knows nothing of her father because she left him after his stroke while living in Oklahoma City to fend for himself after his stroke. Ron could not balance but was left to walk to the mall and shop with food stamps after his x wife Patricia Kirkwood took his business and NAME from him. I met him in 2001. Ron came here in 2003 and never left. I did not know he was going to stay but he was afraid of Lark and his X wife if he ever got to the point of being bedridden. Lark would and probably still does sleep for days at a time. Ron felt he was beginning to have problems with his old stroke and guess he decided he would stay. When we went to OK City, Lark wanted him to stay at a motel not his home. He found his things in a pile by the door.
    Sorry there isn’t more room but this site is granting a poor sick girl to fabricate stories that can be proven wrong. The last straw was telling the conservator that I had his body dead and not reporting it. The DA of our county along with the Sheriff came to see me, I invite them in and they told me as I was bathing Ron, stated that they came to see if he had expired. That was three days before he died. Now you tell me who the abuser I am hoping that you are wise enough to look into this and not be named in the lible suit.
    When Ron heard them, and by the way he did not have Alzheimer’s, it broke his heart. He gave up. Ron had a tumor years ago and the vessels in his neck began to break down due to the radiation that he had had. The brain stem was right next to them. The end came with Ron having a feeding tube to eat because he could no longer swallow due to the brain stem. It also affected his breathing. The last act of Ron was just a quiet peaceful death. He has a memorial garden here. He was loved and cherished more than any person I ever knew. The love of my life and by the way all previous names are also deceased. My son’s father is still alive hence McTavish and McDonnell was my maiden name. Like Joe Hock, the executor of Ron’s will that Lark told the Judge “he wasn’t feeling well”, refused to speak to her and I have his letter that he forwarded to me. I have kept quiet only because Ron feared a nursing home more than anything, I didn’t want to cause him to be taken to
    a nursing home so I cooperated in every way I could. My sister died a day after Lark came into my home and her room with a video camera. She and her cats had just come to live with us from Colorado and her things were still in boxes in the hallway. She had a blockage in her heart but like she did when we were young chased Lark and her boyfriend out of my house No visit was ever prearranged by any social organization and they always came in without me knowing of their visit, There were inspections and have Doctors, Nurses, Doctor Assistants, Social Workers, police here without prior knowledge to me. Lark arranged for all their visits. In that time I am sure someone would have noticed something, total body checks by Dr. and Nurses and home health would help me bathe Ron. Home health was with her and her father each time including the time she forced the ear phones in his ear and he knocked it out. She told me he enjoyed it but home health said he knocked them out, I was told I had to give her privacy and the Home Health Person was to be here at all times if she came. Lark’s visits consisted of about 1/2 hour in the 8 1/2 years Ron and I were married. I gave her money for gas until I couldn’t pay for her free rent and she took off to party. I had to quit my job because Ron was not happy with babysitters. She left her father and myself sitting in front of the hospital waiting for my son after she left us and had told us she would take us home.
    Lark wrote an email and asked if she could hunt near my home, twice in the same evening. The attorney had me notify the Sheriff’s department in case it was a treat on my life. Please know this girl is sick, she is pathetic. She has been under psyciatric care most of her life. This is just in basically Ron’s behalf that I am writing this, as he wasn’t an idiot as Lark would have you think. He was the most intelligent wonderful person any of us ever knew including the Doctors, nurses, home health, neighbors, friends. He would kiss the nurses each time they would come and tease and be happy unless Lark came then he would be reminded of sadder days and depression would set in. I saw where she said I wouldn’t let her talk to him. I gave her privacy, I gave him the phone and the conversation was up to them. His mental facilities were good up until the time of his death. He is so missed here. This is the truth of what happened and can be found in all records of all Social Organizations including the harrassments by Lark to all offices and companies.

    Thank you,
    Mrs Ronald R. Kirkwood


  2. It’s always interesting to hear another side of a story. So often, each party claims that the other is mentally ill, abusive or exploitive. Forget all that and follow the money.


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