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Wanted: Advocates, Victims, Writers, Volunteers

Let’s kick this up a notch.  I haven’t written much on my blog lately and I am now ready to get back at it in full force in the very near future.

I need your help. I’m looking for folks who’d be interested in:

  • writing for Elder Advocates and the cause in general
  • volunteering
  • joining the “think tank”
  • telling a personal experience

I am so grateful to see that the site I started many years ago has almost 23,000 views.  Just imagine what more is in store.

Contact me from link in main menu with subject line “No Mo.”

Something is taking place to bring light to Elder Abuse & Guardianship Abuse.


County Public Guardian Put on Leave, Escorted out of Building

So many are kept from seeing their loved ones by those who have no right no deny them visits. It happened to me and my Dad. It can happen to you also.


America’s dirty little secret, guardianship abuse and the kidnapping and imprisonment of the elderly against their will, is slowly being exposed as more and more people wake up to this nightmare and are willing to speak up against the atrocities that are taking place all across the country. Widespread systemic abuse of the elderly and the disabled is unfortunately the norm in America. In Santa Clara County, California, the head of the Public Guardian office, Don Moody, was escorted out of his office this week and placed on paid administrative leave “in the wake of a report that pointed to widespread dysfunction under his watch.”

I look forward to the day when Mary Giordano, elder care attorney with Franchina and Giordano, finally is forced to pay for the crimes committed against my own mother.

ByJennifer Wadsworth

September 26, 2014

A high-ranking Santa Clara County official was placed on paid…

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Coastal Life Advocacy is here!

I am so proud to announce that Coastal Life Advocacy, LLC is official.  I can’t wait to make a difference in the lives of the ones you love.  My very best, Lark E. Kirkwood

Estate Planning and Creating Joint Bank Accounts


BaskinFleece lawyer Jay FleecePitfalls of Joint Accounts– by Joseph W. Fleece, III

A common problem today in estate planning is the unintended consequences of joint bank accounts. Recently, a client called and told me that while he was at his bank, the account representative suggested that he should put his niece on his account so that she could pay his bills if something happened to him.

Luckily, this client was smart enough to call his attorney to find out if that was a good idea. I told him that he had already signed a durable power of attorney and that document would give his niece full power and authority to deal with his bank account, plus much more, if something happened to him. I then went on to explain what would have happened had he followed the advice of the young account representative.

Estate planning and joint accounts

I told him, based upon my experiences, the account representative…

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Caring for our elders

What is ADVOCACY? What are your thoughts?

Living: the ultimate team sport

9 Reasons why it‘s important to care for our elders – by Sai Santosh K.

The attached article from the Kindness Blog immediately caught my attention.  Please take the time to click on the above link to discover nine easy ways to help an elder in your community.  Whether that person is a family member, or a perfect stranger, the basic truth remains the same.  As an advocate for the elderly I can’t help but encourage all of us to practice respect for those older than ourselves.

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