Estate Planning and Creating Joint Bank Accounts


BaskinFleece lawyer Jay FleecePitfalls of Joint Accounts– by Joseph W. Fleece, III

A common problem today in estate planning is the unintended consequences of joint bank accounts. Recently, a client called and told me that while he was at his bank, the account representative suggested that he should put his niece on his account so that she could pay his bills if something happened to him.

Luckily, this client was smart enough to call his attorney to find out if that was a good idea. I told him that he had already signed a durable power of attorney and that document would give his niece full power and authority to deal with his bank account, plus much more, if something happened to him. I then went on to explain what would have happened had he followed the advice of the young account representative.

Estate planning and joint accounts

I told him, based upon my experiences, the account representative…

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