The idea of society being dementia friendly, in the same way it accommodates others with disabilities, for example the sight impaired or people in wheelchairs, is something to aspire to. In a report Creating Dementia Friendly Physical & Social Environments: A new resource for residential & respite care facilities funded by the Victorian government it says a dementia friendly environment is one that is …a cohesive system of support that recognises the experiences of the person with dementia and best provides assistance for the person to remain engaged in everyday life in a meaningful way. This and hundreds of other articles and reports talk the talk of person centred care, and of quality care that encompasses the person as a whole human being, but from what I see it does not equate to the real experience of those of us living with dementia, not in the residential setting or in the…

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  1. Hi and thanks for sharing my blog. Well done with your blog and passion to change the lives of the elderly too. Regards, Kate


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