“While I Still Can”, with Rick Phelps living with Alzheimer’s

Powerful. Thank you Rick!

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  1. oneintercessor

    Your site covers some really important information. We volunteer at an assisted living and I find myself watching to make sure (as much as I can, which probably isn’t THAT much in reality) things are as they seem. It is a fearsome thing how many elderly get taken advantage of, and even more concerning how quick families can be to institutionalize someone for normal aging processes. It has been very upsetting at times to see this. Our society seems to have no sense of reality that people are not exactly the same with capabilities but on many levels, they are just as they always were on the inside. A little dementia does not mean a person needs to leave everything that is familiar and the home they love; that makes people deteriorate faster…Anyway, I really just wrote to thank you for following my blog, not get on my soapbox. God bless your efforts~


  2. May you have many hands to hold on your journey, Rick Phelps. Thank you for helping so many people.


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