It’s been 9 months since my Dad died


I miss you so much Dad!

You made the world a more beautiful place to live in.

I love you.

You endured so much and once you knew I could do it alone, you escaped your prison.

You are a part of me & you’re giving me the strength to keep on doing what you would want.

Thank you Daddy. I got this one. I just want YOU back.

Love, Lark

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  1. lizfruitberry

    Thank you so much for the referral! I am an STNA or CNA so I know all about elder abuse. My grandfather is in a nursing home. I am starting a new blog so my family doesn’t know where it is. It is (aka LiveLoveLaugh) (imisstheolddays). lizfruitberry will be a serious blog. LiveLoveLaugh is a blog for info, advice and laughter. lizfruitberry will be my journal. Thanks for the referral on does he love me? My grandmother and grandmother both have dementia. Thanks for briinging this to the spotlight! Grief is such an overwhelming emotion and so hard to get through! That’s why I am starting this new blog to journal on grief. Thanks again!


  2. Lark, thanks for sharing your love of your father and being an advocate for elders. It’s such an important cause!

    I’ve nominated you for The Sunshine Award:



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