Non-conservator * was appointed personal representative? Dad died intestate? What?

After my father‘s death on June 21, 2011, I sent copies of the “Will of Ronald Richard Kirkwood” via certified mail to the following:

  • Janice Cagle, Cedar County, MO public administrator & conservator & co-guardian of my father, Ronald Richard Kirkwood
  • Peter A. Lee, (Missouri Bar No. 55172) attorney for Janice Cagle AND guardian ad lidem (conveniently) for my father, Ronald Richard Kirkwood
  • Elizabeth V. Rohrs, (Missouri Bar No. 31433) attorney representing Mary Hackbirth Kirkwood * ( see photo below )
  • Cedar County Probate Court in care of Melinda Gumm, Cedar County, MO court clerk

I received all 4 notifications back signed and delivered. Mary Catherine Kirkwood *, (as listed this time), (see photo below) was then appointed personal representative of my father’s estate & that he died intestate. NOTE: Mary * was appointed co-guardian and NOT CONSERVATOR in the Guardianship proceedings (Case No: 10CD-PR0059), despite her requests & application. The Circuit Court of Cedar County, Missouri Probate Division, Judge Dennis D. Reaves, then put all fiduciary responsibility back in her hands on September 30, 2011?!?

Clearly this makes absolutely no sense.

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  1. It is so important to understand these documents and get handle on the paper trail to insure protection for elders and their families. I wanted to let you know about a documentary series on KCET in Los Angeles with a helpful companion website. There is even a web extra video with gerontologist Mary Winners that provides a succinct overview on the what and why of these forms. The program is Your Turn To Care – it premieres tonight at 8PM PST The website is and you can find us on Facebook at There are great stories of caregivers and we are hoping that others will upload their own stories – maybe yours?


  2. Thank you Anna Marie for the info. I appreciate what you are doing to assist caregivers.


  3. HI Lark. I like your site. Keep up the great work.


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