The Macomb Daily : Children still battling for guardianship of former Macomb chiropractor

The Macomb Daily : Children still battling for guardianship of former Macomb chiropractor.


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  1. To all fellow americans, ladies and gentlemen, Listen I like you are also facing forced guardianship and it’s my father whose done this to me all out of wanting to maintain control over me, and I wouldn’t be suprised at all if he had used his money to buy the examining committee to say that I was incompetent, , but his own words back fire because he himself admitted to me that he along with others knew just how smart I am , so that just tells me that the only reason why he has lied in court and under oath about me is so that he can keep that control , but i will not allow anyone to break me, to break my self-esteem and to make me give up , because listen all who are facing the same thing I say to you please do not allow yourselves to get too depressed as in thinking that this is all there is from here on out and do not believe the negative feedback from anyone, but I know at times it can be hard and hard to bear, take it from me, because I battle with severe sadness only because my own family member has betrayed me as to have done something so unforgivable , when I am able to forgive that person then I will but only when I’m emotionally and physically safe, but as for now I know that I am not, instead of him wanting to protect me though I never needed anyone to do because I know that I can take care of my own self because I have proved to myself that I am well able to do so, because anyone’s negative opinion of you doesn’t have to become your reality., but in reality that person has actually put me in harm’s way.. but with all that said, i say to all do not lose hope stand-up for yourself and keep fighting fighting for not just your rights but for the rights of others and speak out. demand change. thank you and anyone please help us to be free again. thank you. ps, let us all band together and demand that guardianship abuse ends asap. because we all have rights no matter what!. thank you. and feel free to visit my website and sign if you wish. thank you,


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