Embracing life after an Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

Families each day families face the question, my loved one is ill and/or I can no longer take care of him/her so what are my options?

Before, anyone gets started they must first evaluate the situation thoroughly.  One must answer the following crucial questions before proceeding:

  1. What type of illness is affecting the elder? Is temporary or permanent?
  2. Can the person be left alone for any length of time? And if so, how many hours per day does the elder need extra help if they remain in the home?
  3. Has the person’s mental or physical capacity declined to the point where that they now need 24 hour supervision but still need minimal assistance with their activities for daily living (ADLS)? Or have they declined to the point where they need 24 hour nursing care?
  4. What type of assistive devices (canes, walker, wheelchair ) do they use daily? (This often helps determine where the…

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