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by Jennifer Buckley

It is universally recognized that elderly people with dementia lose their short term memory first and their long term memory last. For example, they often remember people and events from their earlier years, but have difficulty remembering what they ate for breakfast the day before.

A while back, a family member asked me “what do you do with someone who can no longer carry on a normal conversation?” The short answer is “Relax and have fun.” The long answer would require writing a whole book. A short summary of some activities include the following:

  1. Reminisce! Everything you do together lends itself to reminiscing. If the person can still speak fairly well, say, “Tell me about…” If his vocabulary is more limited, you may have to facilitate the story. “Do you remember when…” As you bake cookies together you can talk about residents’ favorite cookies, meals, etc.
  2. Read…

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  1. Don’t forget using the sense of smell. Our blogger and Adult Day Care director Debbie Stricoff just posted a great piece about using the sense of smell to help trigger memories for people with dementia. Great piece:


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