Elder Abuse & Financial Crimes: What’s it all about?

Donna R. Gore

Elder abuse, financial abuse

Ladyjustice had the pleasure of featuring Sergeant Mark Varnau of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department as the first guest on Shattered Lives,” taped on Saturday February 11th.  Elder abuse and financial crimes are rising to the level which occurred in domestic violence/intimate partner violence ten years ago.   It is no longer hidden away “behind closed doors” as often as before.  However, although these crimes of neglect and abuse among families and caretakers are being exposed more often, they still do not garner the publicity that they deserve.  They may not appear to be “sensational” in nature and therefore, they go unreported or hidden on the back pages of the local newspaper.   However, the “Shatter’ is there!

Listen to the 30 minute show SHATTERED LIVES:

In San Diego County alone, approximately 25,000 cases of elder abuse are reported to Adult Protective Services per year.  Those that meet the…

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