The Best Alzheimers Caregiver Tool of Them All, Harvey

I love watching these videos of Dotty & Harvey, her talking parrot. What a neat tool in caregiving for Alzheimer’s & Dementia-related diseases. I can’t wait to bring Harvey with me to work & see him in action live. Thank you Bob DeMarco for all you do! ~ Lark E. Kirkwood

The Best Alzheimers Caregiver Tool of Them All, Harvey.


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  1. Thanks for posting this, My mom bought one of the parrot devices before my Dad had dementia and they enjoyed it together. Once he had dementia, she would still play it for him when he would be depressed or agitated and she said it brightened his mood.I had no idea others were doing the same thing!


  2. I absolutely LOVE watching the videos with Dottie and Harvey.
    I am desperately searching for a “Harvey” for a client of mine. I know she would enjoy it a great deal. Do you remember where your Mom got the one for your Dad by any chance? I also really look forward to learning more about the Memoryproject! If you would be interested, I can probably figure out how to request that you be a contributor to my blog site. Have a beautiful day!!


  3. Thanks for reposting my blog entry and sharing it with your audience! My mom no doubt ordered her parrot through a catalog, but I saw the parrot on Amazon for under $20.


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