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Gather Critical Information on Your Aging Parents

Eldercare and the Workplace

Written by Kevin K. Johnson, CSA

Many years ago I was recruited out of my home town of Cleveland, Ohio and for the next 18 years I only saw my parents periodically; holidays, mother’s day, father’s day, etc…  When I called my parents from out-of-town, they always said they were “fine”, “wonderful”, “doing well”. After a few years, when I visited them for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, it became clear to me that they were NOT “fine”, “wonderful”, and “doing well”! I eventually moved back to Cleveland in large part to be available to assist with caregiving requirements for my parents.

At the end of the year I particularly encourage people to take time to gather critical information regarding their aging parents and have it just in case you need it. This information may not be easy to attain. Parents can be very private so you will have to assist them in understanding that all they…

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