Checklist for Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse / McCandless Law Firm


Possible Indicators of Incapacity, Undue Influence and Elder Abuse

□        Gifts to persons (caregivers, service providers, friends) who are not the natural objects of the client’s bounty


□    Gifts to anyone that are so large, given the size and nature of the client’s estate, as to threaten the client’s economic security


□    Loans, particularly if undocumented, to anyone; special scrutiny required if to non‑family members


□    Actions by client’s fiduciary (attorney-in-fact, trustee, other) that reflect poor judgment or conflict of interest


□    Existence of estate-planning documents naming non‑family members as fiduciaries or beneficiaries


□    Existence of joint accounts with non‑family members


□    Evidence that client signs checks prepared by others


□    Bequest plans or other arrangements favoring one child, particularly if a caregiver


□    Evidence of physical harm (bruises, cuts, etc.)


□    Evidence of excessive dependence on a child…

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