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Pauper v. Probate: San Francisco Examiner Goes on Record with Probate Abuse

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 Judge Randy Kennedy, 7th Circuit Court, Davidson County, Nashville, TN

In the First Civil Court of Public Opinion

Pauper v. Probate (The Biggest Business in the World) 

Judge “We, the People”, presiding

Too often, death is the only way out of guardianship gulag

By: Barbara Hollingsworth


There are many ways elderly, sick and disabled people can wind up in a court- appointed guardianship, where a complete stranger wields total control over their lives and assets. Some are identified as “incapacitated” by paid caregivers. Others are fingered by greedy relatives or rapacious lawyers. But members of the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse, who spoke out last week on Capitol Hill, agree that once a loved one is placed in a guardianship, they are stripped of all their civil and constitutional rights and death is often the only way out. That was the case for 72-year-old Yvonne Sarhan, the…

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Be an advocate for your aging loved one.

We must be the eyes, ears & voice for our elders.

Living: the ultimate team sport

If your loved one no longer has a voice in which to defend or advocate for herself, who better to do so than you?

In this post I will assume that your loved one, e.g., parent, grandparent, spouse, or sibling, lives in a long-term care (LTC) facility.  Oftentimes by the time our parent has entered a facility, we are so relieved that someone else has taken over the caregiving, we willingly take a back seat and let the professionals do their job.  By all means, reward yourself with the freedom that less active caregiving of your loved one has afforded you, but don’t leave your caregiving role behind.

I know it’s hard to hear what I’m about to say – especially since you finally turned over your parent’s caregiving to someone else – but I want to encourage you to NOT assume that the care being provided (or withheld) is…

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TN lawmakers warn judges to change their ways

This judge has really got to go!

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TN lawmakers warn judges to change their ways  (Brandon Gee/Tennessean)

I spoke at this hearing today and will include the recollected version of my testimonial, considering I improvised most of my speech…

… for John Jay Hooker, in essence, said what I intended to say, and said it with much more history to substantiate, but was met with a feigned scoffing and joking by a few of the panelists, which may have been in jest, but very telling.  John Jay Hooker’s delivery went to the heart of the matter and I spoke out “Amen” on several occasions not realizing I was violating protocol, apparently, and I started a round of applause for him that was met with a rap of the gavel by the legislator who acted as “chairperson” of this hearing.  There were approximately 15-20 panelists (legislators for the most part), but they were positioned far enough away from the…

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