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Coping With Death and Dying (via Raw Minimum)

Coping With Death and Dying When death stares us in the face it is always a shock. We build our lives to believe that we will live forever and that death will come later-when we are ready. We all like to believe that we will grow old and die in our sleep just shortly after the passing of our spouse and it will be peaceful. No one ever wants to think about losing a child or dying before that golden age. Sometimes we know its coming. Sometimes it comes when you least expect i … Read More

via Raw Minimum

Aging Parents: Do We Become Parents to Our Parents–Part 2 of 2 (via Help! Aging Parents)

Part 2….

When aging parents can no longer do for themselves… If we agree that we are our parents' children; if we acknowledge parents' natural desire to have their children look up to them with respect, how do we reconcile a popular belief (or is it an attitude?) that–when parents get to the point where they can no longer do for themselves and we must take over responsibilities similar to those of parents with young children–we become parents to our p … Read More

via Help! Aging Parents

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