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The day my Dad said, “Get me out of here!” … June 29, 2010

I’ll never forget when he said, “Get me out of here!”

This photo was taken by Jonathon Byus of my father, Ronald Richard Kirkwood & myself on June 29, 2010. I had been denied visits and phone calls to him by Mary Catherine Hackbirth Kirkwood (unsure of legal name) * for several months.

Before the court ruled in the guardianship case, Judge Joseph Phillips, of Cedar County Court, allowed me to go to the property where my father was, 20515 S Hwy 245 Fair Play, MO and I was told to take photos, video, & audio record of the entire property.

Elizabeth V. Rohrs, of Douglas Haun & Heidemann, & Mercedes Watson came to the property as well; however did not remain for the entire time.

There is nothing on Earth that is worse than not being able to be by the ones you love and care about most when they need you most.

I was so GRATEFUL to just see my Dad.

I love you Dad!  I know in my heart he knows I haven’t and will not give up on him.
More to come from this visit....

Dysfunctional Family Secrets (via Brought to My Senses)

I love how she wrote this. There are three secrets to uncover it seems for my family as well… So, when it comes down to it, maybe we should just bear all!

 Dysfunctional Family Secrets All dysfunctional families have secrets they drag along like emotional baggage, and mine is no different than the 60% of American families estimated to be dysfunctional in some way.  The interesting thing about family secrets is they generally are not secrets at all within the family, only outside of the family; most members of the family know these secrets but are unwilling or unable to discuss them with anyone else.  Years pass by and these sec … Read More

via Brought to My Senses

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