Manifesting & Law of Attraction

Be aware of what you are ‘observing’ (thinking). Whilst you may be visualisating the things you want, if you are spending the rest of your day with self talk and observations and thoughts that contradict what you want, you may not be helping it come into your life. For example wanting money or a lover, and doubting yourself and whether you can have it or if it can happen.” ~ Hemal Radia

What is in your life is a reflection and manifestation of your thoughts. If you plant a flower or a weed and feed it, it’s going to grow. Your choice is what thoughts and emotions you will feed ~ Hemal Radia

“Your faith can be as solid as the tallest mountain, or as weak as grains of sand. YOU determine what you make of your reality, by your application and focus. What you mould with your personal energy, you see in the manifestation in your life. You literally carve out aspects of the Universe to experience in your life. The Universe gives you a match to what you put out.” ~ Hemal Radia


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